Spartan M&LE

Spartan M&LE is Cybergun Group’s division dedicated to the training of military and police forces. Taking advantage of the group’s resources and 30 year’s experience in the firearm replica industry, Spartan M&LE offers a disruptive solution for professional training. It is led by General (Rtd) Emmanuel Maurin.


Great attention has been put into the development of the Spartan line of training models. Accurate weight, balance, and operation, combined with realistic blowback feedback allows the user to experience true motion training.


Spartan replicas are not weapons. Carrying them as well as storing them is a lot easier than with real weapons. The same goes for organizing "force on force" exercises and urban operations training.


Spartan models cost between 20% and 50% less than other equivalent means. 10,000 rounds cost as low as $160. It is 50 times less expensive than other training solutions.


Our solution is built on a serious and lasting consideration for the environmental challenges.